Volume 3, Issue 1, 2011

Authors: Margarita ILIEVA


The transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, are subject of many investigations in the last two decades. Up to now there is no geographical survey on the territorial differences and their course in Bulgaria. The aim of this investigation is to study these differences in the transformation process in Bulgaria by 28 administrative districts (NUTS3). On the basis of analyses and comparisons of GDP per capita in different units (an indicator, accepted by specialists as the most common parameter) and the calculated values of integral indicator (reflecting the influence of 15 interlocked factors), the existing significant differences in the achieved level of transformation in the country are shown. At this stage there is no sufficient research to determine the threshold value of the integral indicator and to say with certainty that the territorial units, having values above it, are winners from the transformation process, and those with values below it, are losers.

Key words: territorial differences, transformation, Bulgaria.

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