Volume 2, Number 1, 2010

Authors: Gabriel PASCARIU


The Botoșani County is part of one of the most marginal and least developed NUTS II regions of the EU. The county itself is one of the least developed within the region. However, it has an interesting history and evolution and a geographical position which can become an opportunity for economic, social, cultural and urban development. The urban structure is now, rather fragile and vulnerable to present social and economic trends and crises. During the last 80-90 years, under the impact of political changes and influences, the urban system was subjected to artificial and not always sound and durable developments. The pre-eminence of political, administrative and economic factors led to competition among the main urban centres which had as result winners and losers. The lack of specific urban development policies created in the end a mono-centric and unbalanced urban system. Recent decisions create premises for future evolutions towards a more coherent and cohesive system if sound strategies and policies are implemented by local authorities.

Key words: human settlements, urban system, territory, Botoșani County, North-East Region, Romania.

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