Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013


1. The Establishment and Reterritorialization of Planning Districts in South Dakota as a Response to Economic Challenges

George W. WHITE, Robert H. WLATREAbstract |Full text |


2. Analysing Italian Regional Patterns in Green Economy and Climate Change. Can Italy Leverage on Europe 2020 Strategy to Face Sustainable Growth Challenges ?

Francesco BONSINETTO, Enzo FALCO Abstract |Full text |


3. Beyond the Fringe: The Role of Recreation in Multi-Functional Urban Fringe Landscapes 

Ian GILHESPY Abstract |Full text |


4. Regional Differences and Regional Cohesion: Case Study of Bulgaria 

Margarita ILIEVA | Abstract |Full text


5. Hopes for the Countryside’s Future. An Analysis of Two Endogenous Development Experiences in South-Eastern Galicia

Valerià PAÜL Abstract |Full text | 


6. Material Impacts of Hip-Hop on Urban Development in Dakar: The Case of Eaux Secours

Hilary HUNGERFORD | Abstract |Full text | 


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Acknowledgements for the Peer-reviewers

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