Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 5, Number 1, 2013


Irina SAGHIN, Gabriel PASCARIU, Daniela Rodica STOIAN, Ilinca-Valentina STOICA, Daniela ZAMFIR 


Rethinking the Territorial Pact in the Context of European Territorial Cohesion 



The authors argue through this paper, the importance of rethinking the recently abandoned tools that can be reactivated in times of crisis. EU 2020 Strategy and other EU documents create a favorable frame in order to achieve the priorities set by reconsidering the territorial pact concept. Recent documents define the partnership agreement concept, which seems to be more rigid and less flexible than the territorial pact. Having as a starter point Romania’s specifics, there are individualized 10 thematic territorial pacts and 8 global pacts. They must generate territorial synergies capable of ensuring the coherence between regions, states and the European Union as a whole.


Key Words: territorial pact, partnership agreement, EU 2020 Strategy, territorial cohesion, sectoral/thematic pact, global pact.


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