Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2013


1. Geographical and Statistical Analysis on the Relationship between Land-Use Mixture and Home-Based Trip Making and More: Case of Richmond, Virginia 

Yin-Shan MA, Xueming CHEN   | Abstract |Full text |


2.  The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Greek Regions

Marialena PETRAKOU  | Abstract |Full text |


3. ‘North of the South’ or ‘South of the North’? Revisiting the Spatially/Complex Economic Divide in Italy 

Luca SALVATI Abstract |Full text |


4. Smart Growth and the Challenge of Nimby: Multifamily Dwellings and their Association with Single-Family House Selling Prices in Tallahasse, Florida, USA 

Huston GIBSON, Mathew BECKER    | Abstract |Full text


5. Rethinking the Territorial Pact in the Context of European Territorial Cohesion

Irina SAGHIN, Gabriel PASCARIU, Daniela Rodica STOIAN, Ilinca-Valentina STOICA, Daniela ZAMFIR   | Abstract |Full text | 



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