Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 4, Number 1, 2012




Development-Induced Displacement in Romania: the Case of Roşia Montană Mining Project



This paper proposes a critical discussion of the population displacement processes involved in the Roşia Montană gold-mining project within the theoretical framework of development-induced displacement (DID). We begin with an overview of the geographical context of the rural community, focusing on the social and economic structure of Roşia Montană. After assessing the relocation and resettlement processes, we examine several problems related to the compensation mechanism set up by the mining company. The aim of the research is to highlight the complexity of the consequences of development-induced displacement and the limits of the policies of relocation and resettlement in the area.  


Key Words: gold mining, development-induced displacement, relocation, resettlement, Roşia Montană, Romania 


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