Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 3, Number 2, 2011





The job exchanges for graduates in Romania – the assessment of the territorial disparities   



The job exchanges for graduates represent the major offer-and-demand framework organised by the majority of territorial structures of the National Employment Agency, which have a pyramidal/hierarchic structure. The paper focuses on supply and demand territorial aspects on the labour market for graduates; how employer demand is conveyed to graduates and how well the skills that young people gain are utilized on the job. The present study represents a quantitative assessment of the job supply and demand for graduates and a qualitative territorial assessment of the results recorded by the job-exchange for this category of young labour force. This latter approach is based on a series of 7 indicators, in order to point out the main territorial characteristics of the job exchange for graduates. The general assessment index (calculated like the arithmetical average of the standardized values of the indicators selected) varies between 0 and 0.762, the agencies for employment being divided in four categories: 1 - “No activity and no results“, 2 - “Very low activity and very few results” and “Low activity and very few result“, 3 - “Low activity and few results” and 4 - “Moderate activity and good results”.


Key Words: job exchanges for graduates, supply and demand territorial aspects, Romania.


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