Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 3, Number 1, 2011


Wilfried HELLER


Identities and Conceptions of Border Area Population in East-Central and South-East Europe - Thematic Aspects and Questions of an Actual Research Field



This article will be structured as follows: Firstly, it will be described what is to be understood by the term "identity". After that, this article will explore the significance of the topic "identities of population" regarding the political, social, economic and cultural developments in the border areas of East-Central and South-East Europe. Because identities are not essentially but constructed phenomena, the next chapter will deal with the role of conceptions of the border area populations for the building of identity. The then following remarks on categories of border areas shall suggest that a great variety of border areas needs to be considered if one is occupied with the subject of this article. From these explanations the article's relation to application will be derived, and groups of questions as well as detailed questions will be developed. .


Key Words: identities, regionalism, centralism, European integration process, globalization, border areas, East-Central and South-East Europe.


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