Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 2, Number 2, 2010


Special Issue: “Bridging Diversity in a Globalizing World” Selected Papers given at the IGU - Urban Commission Meeting Regional Conference, July 2010, Tel Aviv, Israel

Guest editor: Izhak Schnell, Tel Aviv University, Israel



Cătălina Ancuţa


Territorial disparities in the Romanian Banat: assessment, dynamics and impact on the territorial system



The article aims to evaluate the heterogeneous nature of the regional space of Romanian Banat, perceived as a developed region. The method is based on the complex paradigm of the concept of territorial disparities, which includes other concepts such as development, territory, spatial equity. The elementary disparities are analyzed by studying three categories of variables: social, economic and of life standard. In order to reveal the intraregional behavior the presented methodology used data from two census – 1992 and 2002, which permitted an analysis in two key moments: little after the change of political regime and respectively, after 1o years of transition. Global disparities are studied by calculating a global development index; according to it two types of areas were established: advantaged (above the regional average) and disadvantaged (under this average). The study of the territorial disparities – both elementary and global ones – and of their dynamics 1992-2002 led to the establishment of a territorial model.


Key Words: regional analysis, elementary/global disparities, regional model.


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