Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 2, Number 2, 2010


Special Issue: “Bridging Diversity in a Globalizing World” Selected Papers given at the IGU - Urban Commission Meeting Regional Conference, July 2010, Tel Aviv, Israel

Guest editor: Izhak Schnell, Tel Aviv University, Israel


1. Introduction

Izhak Schnell | Full text |

2. Urban strategies and collective memory. An upper-middle class municipality in the Grand Paris project

Yankel Fijalkow | Abstract |Full text |

3. ICT inequalities in the Spanish urban system

Ruben Camilo Lois Gonzalez, Jose Carlos Macia Arce, Francisco Jose Armas Quinta | Abstract |Full text |

4. Urban policy in the context of contemporary urbanisation processes and development issues of Polish cities

Jerzy J. Parysek | Abstract |Full text |

5. Territorial disparities in the Romanian Banat: assessment, dynamics and impact on the territorial system

Cătălina Ancuţa | Abstract |Full text |

6. Residential differentiation at two geographic scales – the metropolitan area and the city: the case of Tel Aviv

 Itzhak Omer | Abstract |Full text |

7. The neighborhood of Florentin: a window to the globalization of Tel Aviv

 Caroline Rozenholc | Abstract |Full text |


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