Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 2, Number 1, 2010



Octavian Groza, Lydia Coudroy de Lille, Mădălina Paftală-Ciubotăriţa


Spatial Coordinates in Building the Brand Image of Regional Metropolises. The Case of Iaşi Municipality  



The article explores the spatial dimensions of the brand image building of the cities / regional metropolises, with an application on Iaşi as a study case. The starting point is represented by the results of the researches in FP7 project EuroBroadMap. Visions of the Europe in the World, which shows that the city of Iaşi has an unfavorable position among the preferences of the Romanian student’s questioned, which raises some questions about its role as a regional metropolis. In order to improve its position, the city could appeal to the territorial marketing strategies. In this direction, using the results of some field surveys, the article studies the opportunities for structuring a brand image depending on the spatial structure of the symbolic characteristics of Iaşi.


Key Words: regional city, territorial marketing, city lovemark.


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