Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Volume 1, Number 1, 2009



Cristian Braghină, Daniel Peptenatu, Cristian Drăghici


The Reorganization of Economic Activities and the Perspectives of the Endogenous Development in the Mining Areas from Gorj County



In the strategies of regional development, an increasing importance is given to identifying the possibilities of endogenous development which, besides the exogenous impulses, contributes to an optimal development of local economies. Gorj County is one of the counties which recorded a major economic decline following the restructuring of economic activities. These counties need interventions at the strategic level, in order to identify the development alternatives, based on the capitalization of local resources. Following the analysis of the relation between the enterprise initiative and development, the way in which it has become fundamental for the development of a geographical space was clearly underlined. The analysis of this determination offers a well documented scientific support to the local and central authorities; this support regards the development of the enterprise initiative in territorial profile and, on this basis, it offers concrete solutions, based on decisional chains, which will have as a result the attenuation of the imbalance within the territorial profile. The endogenous development of the territorial systems may contribute to the sustainability of the cohesion process at local, regional and national levels.


Key Words: endogenous development, rural changes, territorial dynamics, Gorj.


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